A Society and Government Led by Philosophers Considered

What if our Society and Government were run by the intellectual organization of the noble philosopher-king In the Star Wars, it was filmed and could probably be seen in human nature. Should the best philosopher-type tyrant be capable of managing such social and civil rights? Definitely, a short time ago I asked one of my acquaintances.

Certainly, until now human beings cannot be trusted unless they allow humans to become philosophers. Ideas and concepts for the Future of Politics are very important. After all, where can I find such interested people? People with wisdom, compassion, compassion and no human greed: “Where can I find great leaders like Sir?”

That is a very good question. Where can I find it? Moreover, I know these people are not progressing. Personally, I have never met an honest person to run such a civilization. So far, do they give themselves and bear such a burden even if they promise a council of small thinkers?

Can humans abandon a long-lasting policy to achieve a good Heath of Politics? Will, you did not fulfill the promises of those pushing on the platform and population buttons? What about society and civilization, which the philosophers idealized? “Oh, I think it’s a great idea” Consider all of these.

A democratic government that is driven by technology relies on the idea that fewer governments are better off. Thus, the central government has no internal line function. Not all state controls are ignored except for security, state, all regulatory agencies, and welfare programs. The state government is about 40 percent smaller, and the size of local government and its responsibilities is about 20 percent. Technodem, manufacturing companies and local social organizations perform most of the necessary public functions. Under this system, there is a tremendous expansion in that personal rights and freedoms, education costs, medical expenses, labor costs, and old-age benefits are all under complete personal and private control.

For More Info :- https://forwardwing.org/

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